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Points Per Game
Rank Player Pts/G
1 L. James, Cle34.0
2 A. Davis, NO30.1
3 R. Westbrook, OKC29.3
4 K. Durant, GS29.0
5 J. Harden, Hou28.6
6 J. Wall, Was26.0
7 G. Antetokounmpo, Mil25.7
8 S. Curry, GS25.5
9 C. McCollum, Por25.3
10 K. Middleton, Mil24.7
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Field Goal Percentage
Rank Player FG%
1 C. Capela, Hou.660
2 R. Gobert, Uta.655
3 M. Scott, Was.634
4 D. Favors, Uta.618
5 M. Turner, Ind.611
6 T. Young, Ind.600
7 K. Middleton, Mil.598
8 S. Adams, OKC.587
9 D. Sabonis, Ind.581
10 G. Antetokounmpo, Mil.570
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Rebounds Per Game
Rank Player Reb/G
1 A. Davis, NO13.4
2 K. Towns, Min13.4
3 J. Embiid, Phi12.6
4 R. Westbrook, OKC12.0
5 C. Capela, Hou11.6
6 R. Gobert, Uta10.7
7 D. Green, GS10.6
8 J. Valanciunas, Tor10.5
9 K. Love, Cle10.2
10 G. Antetokounmpo, Mil9.6
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Steals Per Game
Rank Player Stl/G
1 V. Oladipo, Ind2.43
2 J. Wall, Was2.33
3 J. Harden, Hou2.24
4 J. Richardson, Mia2.20
5t C. Paul, Hou2.00
5t A. Davis, NO2.00
7 D. Green, GS1.95
8t S. Curry, GS1.73
8t M. Smart, Bos1.73
10 T. Young, Ind1.71
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Assists per game
Rank Player Ast/G
1 R. Rondo, NO12.2
2 J. Wall, Was11.5
3 L. James, Cle9.0
4 K. Lowry, Tor8.5
5 D. Green, GS8.1
6 B. Simmons, Phi7.7
7 R. Westbrook, OKC7.5
8 J. Harden, Hou6.8
9 J. Holiday, NO6.3
10 G. Antetokounmpo, Mil6.3
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Blocks Per Game
Rank Player Blk/G
1 A. Davis, NO2.33
2 R. Gobert, Uta2.27
3 C. Capela, Hou2.12
4 T. Maker, Mil1.83
5 J. Embiid, Phi1.75
6 J. Valanciunas, Tor1.50
7 D. Green, GS1.48
8t N. Mirotic, NO1.33
8t J. Wall, Was1.33
10 S. Ibaka, Tor1.30
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